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Tailored Wellness Solutions

At The Wellness Advisory (TWA), we are dedicated to providing discerning individuals with exclusive, confidential, and unparalleled access to the apex of medical expertise and treatments, both traditional and alternative. Our relationships with globally recognized health professionals enable us to identify optimal options tailored to each client’s unique requirements.

We accompany our clients in their pursuit of holistic health, leveraging an integrated approach that encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. A single call activates our team to strategically design a comprehensive plan, which includes priority scheduling for appointments, personalized assistance with treatments and procedures, and meticulous oversight of all facets of perioperative care.

In addition to medical care, The Wellness Advisory also coordinates lifestyle components associated with medical tourism. Our aim is to create nurturing, comforting environments that align with our clients’ health objectives, thereby ensuring a comprehensive wellness experience.

Master Your Inner Technology

The Wellness Group

Crafting a Tailored Strategy for Your Health Needs

The Wellness Advisory (TWA) does not directly administer medical care. Instead, we coordinate a network of esteemed concierge physicians who render medical services. We strive to equip you with unbiased research and resources, facilitating access to the highest quality of care. The synergistic relationship between our concierge physicians and The Wellness Advisory ensures comprehensive, top-notch care for both you and your family.

Key benefits of choosing The Wellness Advisory include:

Direct access to world-class treatment facilities, top-notch specialists, and advanced treatment options. 
Up-to-date information about the latest breakthroughs in medicine, wellness, and lifestyle services. 
Priority scheduling with both conventional and alternative medicine specialists at recognized Centers of Excellence. 
Systematic collection, organization, and secure transfer of medical records and history using state-of-the-art encryption technology to ensure privacy and data protection. 
Integration of all records onto a secure online platform for round-the-clock remote access. 
Seamless coordination of second opinions to validate diagnoses and establish effective treatment plans. 
Comprehensive perioperative care plans that cover all aspects from the initial contemplation of medical services to full recovery, including travel, accommodation, and luxury services.
On-demand home, hotel, or office visits, and telemedicine consults, as required.

Our medical, wellness, and lifestyle facilities go beyond clinical excellence, offering an elevated and serene experience during what could otherwise be a stressful period.

Life-Changing Medical Diagnosis

One In Every Three People Will Face A Life-altering Medical Diagnosis

In the face of a critical diagnosis, do you know what your next step should be? At The Wellness Advisory (TWA), we understand the complexities and anxieties of such situations. With over a decade of experience as health advisors, we’ve seen firsthand the emotional and financial impact that medical issues can have on individuals and their families. That’s why our core commitment is to deliver personalized, discreet, and compassionate care that meets your unique needs. 

Here’s how we aim to provide an unmatched experience:

Expert Second Opinions – Leveraging our extensive connections with globally renowned medical centers, TWA ensures you have access to the finest specialists and most suitable treatments for your specific medical conditions.

Virtual Consultations – When physical meetings are not practical, we facilitate virtual consultations with experts from world-class medical institutions, providing guidance on diagnosis and treatment options.

Advisor Support – Your personal TWA advisor, backed by a team of Board Certified Doctors and lifestyle experts, empowers you to make the best-informed decisions about your health.

Expedited Appointments – To minimize waiting times, your personal TWA Advisor can schedule priority appointments with top specialists at recognized centers of excellence.

Medical Records and Case Review – We compile, arrange, and transfer all relevant medical records and images ahead of your appointments, ensuring physicians have all necessary information. Our doctors also review the medical records of international clients prior to their visits to Los Angeles, facilitating more effective planning.

Continuous Search for Top Talent – We curate anonymized medical intelligence reports related to specific health conditions and diseases, ensuring all data is fully compliant with HIPAA regulations. Coupled with our extensive network of physician referrals, we are continually able to identify and understand the work of leading specialists in various fields, all while protecting your privacy and personal information.

Medical Tourism – For clients seeking care beyond their national borders, we manage the logistics, from paperwork to travel arrangements.

Lifestyle Services – We offer a broad spectrum of lifestyle services for our clients and their families. These include lifestyle coaching, cooking classes, massage therapy, therapeutic yoga sessions, in-house nursing, anti-inflammatory and alkaline meal preparation, luxury transportation, and hospitality services, among others.

Family Plans – We believe in providing the same access to our premium suite of services for your family. Family plans are available upon request.

Custom Services – For those seeking unique care, we offer customized packages tailored to individual needs, including cosmetic surgery, cosmetic dentistry, executive physicals, fertility treatments, and regenerative medicine, among others.

We invite you to discuss your particular needs with a TWA representative. Whether you’re exploring alternative treatments, IVF procedures, or elective surgeries, we’re ready to create a custom package of services just for you.

Red Rose

Experience Exclusive Privileges Through The Wellness Advisory

We are immensely proud of our collaboration with community leaders, all in a bid to enhance health and lifestyle services. As a cherished member of the The Wellness Advisory (TWA) family, you are afforded unrivaled access to top-tier lifestyle concierges, travel agencies, and beauty professionals in Los Angeles and the surrounding regions.

You are deserving of an extensive network of committed professionals and transformative healing methodologies, available at your fingertips 24/7, minus the hassle of conducting extensive background research. We look forward to the opportunity of meeting you, understanding your goals, and working with you to craft a mindful lifestyle plan.

You can reach us at contact@vivianaescobar.com or by calling 424.653.6377


Post-Operative Recovery Enhancement

Boost your body’s healing process post-surgery with a bespoke perioperative program, incorporating specially crafted therapies. By preserving pre-operative organ functionality and mitigating the significant stress response often elicited by surgery, this personalized program fosters a swift recovery.

Seeking Expertise

Our esteemed specialists are internationally recognized across a diverse range of disciplines:

❖ Addiction Medicine
❖ Alcohol and Drug Detoxification
❖ Ayurvedic Medicine
❖ Alternative Medicine Approaches
❖ Anesthesiology
❖ Bariatric Medicine for Weight Management
❖ Breathwork Therapy
❖ Cardiovascular Medicine for Heart Health
❖ General and Cosmetic Dentistry
❖ Dermatology for Skin Health
❖ Endocrinology, Focusing on Hormone Health

❖ Comprehensive Family Medicine
❖ Gynecology and Obstetrics
❖ Fitness Counseling for Optimal Wellness
❖ Genetic Counseling Services
❖ Health Screening for Preventive Care
❖ Hormone Therapy Solutions
❖ Infertility Treatments for Both Men and Women
❖ Integrative Medicine Strategies
❖ Naturopathic Approaches
❖ Neurology for Nervous System Care
❖ Nutritional Counseling for Healthy Eating

❖ Ophthalmology for Eye Care
❖ Orthopedic Care for Bones and Joints
❖ Otolaryngology for Ear, Nose, and Throat Conditions
❖ Pain Management Techniques
❖ Pediatrics for Children’s Health
❖ Physical Rehabilitation Programs
❖ Plastic Surgery Options
❖ Preventive Medicine for Long-term Health
❖ Radiology for Diagnostic Imaging
❖ Regenerative Medicine
❖ Sexual Health Services

Connect with us to ensure your health needs are in the hands of the world’s finest professionals.

Enhance your well-being with these invigorating alternatives promoting healthier lifestyles:

❖ Breathe: Engage in Breathwork Therapy.
❖ Reset: Explore the benefits of Cold Therapy.
❖ Purify your System: Try our Detoxification and Cleansing Programs.
❖ Unleash your Mind: Delve into Hypnotherapy.
❖ Oxygenate to Heal: Experience Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.
❖ Embrace Anti-Inflammatory Alkaline Diets and tailored Meal Plans.
❖ Athletic Lifestyle Consulting: Enhance Sports Performance with expert advice.

❖ Body Wellness: Enjoy Specialized Massage and Body Therapies.
❖ Optimal Nutrition: Benefit from personalized IV Nutrition Therapy and Vitamin Injections.
❖ Inner Peace: Experience Yoga Therapeutics through Private Sessions.
❖ Men’s Health: Consult a Male Personal Trainer and Well-being Manager.
❖ Women’s Wellness: Get advice from a Female Fitness Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant.

For more details about our custom packages tailored to alternative treatments, feel free to contact a TWA representative at contact@vivianaescobar.com or call us at 424.653.6377


Company History

Our Founder and CEO, Viviana Escobar

The Wellness Advisory (TWA) is the brainchild of Viviana Escobar, a highly influential entrepreneur and a trailblazer in the healthcare services arena. 

As the Founder and CEO, Viviana’s first-hand experiences with the intricate labyrinth of the healthcare system and the hurdles of securing premium care for individuals and families, inspired the inception of TWA.

The Core Idea Behind TWA

The inception of TWA stemmed from a pressing need for a neutral, non-partisan resource that could assist individuals and their families in making informed, thorough, and logical decisions regarding all health-related matters.

Our Vision

We strive to inspire our clients to attain their highest potential, enhancing their mental, spiritual, and physical well-being, and thereby elevating their quality of life.

Our Services

TWA provides the tranquility that accompanies 24/7 access to a comprehensive health advisory team. This team coordinates with top health experts, and globally recognized specialists, and presents evidence-based treatment options – promptly and appropriately, whenever and wherever needed.

What Sets Us Apart

Our unique approach to delivering a superior experience is what distinguishes us from our competition. As wellness advisors, we build robust relationships with our members and provide unwavering support throughout their journey.


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At TWA, we have combed the world, searching for stellar doctors and treatments. We have done our homework and carefully cultivated relationships with our physician partners. Tap into our healthcare knowledge, connections, and passion and assure yourself of the best possible outcome for your healthcare concerns!



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